Our Pledge for a day of action for collective liberation, supported the liberation of Bresha Meadows, 15-year-old Ohio teen facing a charge of aggravated murder for defending herself and her family from her abusive father. We attended Breesha Court hearing demanding the Trumbell County prosecutors drop the charges.

In the words of our Ohio Women’s March sisters: “We are here today for the liberation of 15-year-old Bresha Meadows, who fought for herself, for her family, who survived in the face of abuse, in the face of systemic patriarchy and racism and misogyny and all the forces that seek to criminalize Black girls, women and femmes. Bresha survived. And now she is being punished for her own survival. When we signed the Pledge of Liberation, we signed a commitment to disrupt cycles of violence that the criminal justice system perpetuates. We signed a commitment to defend each other from state violence — including the state violence of our prison system. We signed a commitment to provide support for young people in crisis. We signed a commitment to build a world in which all women, girls, femmes, and people are free.